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Case Studies

Delta Monitoring + Navigation Security Christmas Cracker

Delta Monitoring Services was again successful in providing quick and detailed response over the Christmas period. Our sharp eyed operator spotted untoward activity on a closed construction site in the Northeastern area of Cardiff. An audio warning was sounded over the on site speaker system and the client was notified. A few days later we received…

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DMS & The OnGarde Duo Tower Has Been Credited With Another Victory


Flexible, Effective and Affordable Delta Monitoring Services and The OnGarde Duo Tower has been credited with another victory in the battle against crime on a construction site. On the 14th March at around 10pm on a site protected by the OnGarde Duo CCTV Tower and monitored by Delta Monitoring Services, a potential theft of a…

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DMS Stop Theft of Goods On Site


In the early hours of Sunday morning DMS operators thwarted the plans of two would be burglars at a Logistics site located in the Midlands. DMS received the alarm from the onsite CCTV system and upon reviewing the footage saw two males climb over the fence on to site, then proceeded to make their way…

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DMS helped in arrest of 4 criminals


On Saturday afternoon 4 males came on to a closed site in the Staines area. DMS Operators on receipt of the alarm from the site’s RSI Videofied system, the operators were able to observe 4 males walking around the site. The escalation process caused the site’s keyholders to be informed. After this further footage was…

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Wireless Rapid Response System catches 3 burglars


In Feb 2014, our client requested a Rapid Response Alarm System (RSI) to be fitted in a void property to prevent cable theft and damage. On the second night, the system, which consists of wireless alarm PIR sensors with a built in camera on each, that send a 10 second burst of video as well…

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National Multi-Site Integrated Monitoring Contract


Helping to protect a national logistic operation   Our client is a leading world-wide logistics company, providing end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation and distribution management.       They offer their customers a bespoke service tailored to specific needs, built on their formidable experience across a broad range…

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DMS Help To Protect Bar

Bristol Bar

DMS were approached by the owners of an independent bar in Bristol. The client had an existing (non-monitored) audible intruder alarm system. They were having a problem when staff locking up at the end of the night were occasionally failing to properly set the alarm leaving the premises unprotected throughout the night, until discovered the…

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DMS Help Stop Copper Wire Theft


DMS was contacted by a client working for a local quarry. One half of the quarry was live, the other half older half was now redundant. Copper wiring was being stripped out of the older part of the quarry by metal thief’s and a surveillance team was put in to catch the criminals targeting the…

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Stop Theft!

DMS recently thwarted the theft of the safe contents from a well-known local Car dealership. Upon receiving an alarm DMS operator immediately called the list of “out of hour’s” keyholders as arranged with the client. Unable to contact the first two key holders the operator proceeded to contact the third nominated person. Upon them answering…

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Wireless security technology works in protecting void properties


Using the unique totally wireless RSI Videofied video alarm system Delta Monitoring Services successfully prevented a possible reoccupation by squatters in Bristol of an large empty Georgian town house and other attached buildings close to the city centre. At 10:16 a.m. on the 22nd May 2012 our own Alarm Receiving Centre received an alarm signal followed by the 10…

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