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Stop Theft!

DMS recently thwarted the theft of the safe contents from a well-known local Car dealership. Upon receiving an alarm DMS operator immediately called the list of “out of hour’s” keyholders as arranged with the client. Unable to contact the first two key holders the operator proceeded to contact the third nominated person. Upon them answering the phone the operator identified their self and explained that a confirmed intruder alarm had been received and it was believed that there were persons on site.

When the key holder and police arrived on site they found two persons in the building with the safe dragged partly across the floor. The owner was thankful for Delta Monitoring Services quick response that enabled the key holder and police to arrive on site in a short space of time and apprehend the would be thieves and although some damage was caused to the property by the break in no property was stolen due to the fast response by all concerned.

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