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Delta Monitoring + Navigation Security Christmas Cracker

Delta Monitoring Services was again successful in providing quick and detailed response over the Christmas period. Our sharp eyed operator spotted untoward activity on a closed construction site in the Northeastern area of Cardiff. An audio warning was sounded over the on site speaker system and the client was notified. A few days later we received…

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OnGarde Presents New Solar Powered CCTV Tower


Environmentally-friendly Site-Watch Solar has solar panels and a fuel cell. The system converts the stored solar energy sustainably into usable electricity, so you’re not dependent on a power supply. And what’s more solar power is C02 neutral. In short, no emissions, so it’s environmentally-friendly. Autonomous If the Solar doesn’t supply enough power it is assisted…

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DualCom DigiAir® Connected

Pyronix, in partnership with CSL, are the first to offer the DualCom DigiAir Connected, which combines all the features of the DigiAir range with the Pyronix HomeControl+ infrastructure. CSL are working with the industry’s leading Panel Manufacturers to bring you panel specific signalling that combines the features of our award winning DigiAir with those of a chosen…

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A New Outlook for Man Guarding Security Companies

  A New Outlook for Man Guarding Security Companies. The use of technology in all areas of modern life has led to increasing pressure on more traditional businesses, the security business is no exception. The wider availability of more advanced and low cost CCTV solutions can have a significant impact on companies whose primary source…

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DMS & The OnGarde Duo Tower Has Been Credited With Another Victory


Flexible, Effective and Affordable Delta Monitoring Services and The OnGarde Duo Tower has been credited with another victory in the battle against crime on a construction site. On the 14th March at around 10pm on a site protected by the OnGarde Duo CCTV Tower and monitored by Delta Monitoring Services, a potential theft of a…

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DMS & Visonic

Visonic is one our latest and most exciting new systems, with regards to void or generic property security out of hours with completely wireless sensors, up to 20 sensors on any one system. The only thing the system needs is mains power for the control panel, but all the PIR detectors will wirelessly link back…

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DMS Stop Theft of Goods On Site


In the early hours of Sunday morning DMS operators thwarted the plans of two would be burglars at a Logistics site located in the Midlands. DMS received the alarm from the onsite CCTV system and upon reviewing the footage saw two males climb over the fence on to site, then proceeded to make their way…

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DMS helped in arrest of 4 criminals


On Saturday afternoon 4 males came on to a closed site in the Staines area. DMS Operators on receipt of the alarm from the site’s RSI Videofied system, the operators were able to observe 4 males walking around the site. The escalation process caused the site’s keyholders to be informed. After this further footage was…

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WebWay LIVE – Bristol

          Once again WebWay are bringing the security industry together at a series of events between September & October across UK and Ireland. Learn how to connect your alarm systems to the internet with WebWay to benefit from new online tools for installers. With presentations & demos in the morning and technical…

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New ACPO Police Response to Security Systems Policy 2014

The newly updated ACPO Policy for Police Response to Security Systems 2014 has been published and in effect as of the 1st April.   To view or download of copy of the updated policy please click here

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