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HeiTel (a wholly owned subsidiary of Xtralis) are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of remote video transmission equipment. They have a very strong presence in the UK and Europe in central monitoring centres and since 1995 they have been shipping reliable and efficiently designed transmission equipment for the ‘detector activated remote video transmission market’. The user-friendly concept, proven reliability and flexibility are trademarks of HeiTel.

The product range includes 2, 4 and 10 camera systems with or without DVR, with a variety of hard disk sizes available. All units include the ability to add IP cameras and for multi-Megapixel projects they have the CamDisc HNVR which can comfortably connect up to ten 5-Megapixel cameras. HeiTel’s unique video compression technology lends itself perfectly to the relatively low bandwidth available with 3G/GPRS and as such is the favourite choice for rapid deployment 3G based systems. Naturally their systems thrive on broadband ADSL.

One aspect of HeiTel’s philosophy is to make available the live and recorded images to end users at no cost. As such we have a range of free of charge applications for Microsoft Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android. These complement the main video monitoring software used at the Alarm Receiving Centre.

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