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Rapid Deployment CCTV

Delta Monitoring Services are pleased to be able to offer its customers a Rapid Deployment CCTV system supplied via OnGarde Ltd.  This unique CCTV tower is a cost effective solution for site security and has been based around two key principals; prevention and detection.

Preventing crime is by far and away the most important element of any security system. If detection only is relied on then significant damage could already be done by the time action is taken. That is why the OnGarde tower is enclosed in a highly visible tamper proof cabinet; enough to put off most would be opportunist criminals. Should the sight of the tower not be enough, then the intruder will be given a clear live audible warning from our staff that they have been detected.

Another unique feature of the OnGarde CCTV tower is that it uses an advanced detection method of Video Content Analysis (VCA) to identify intruders. This system becomes aware of any changes in the detection area and will automatically report these changes to the Monitoring Centre.  This activity will then be evaluated by the Monitoring Staff to avoid false alarms and if the threat is genuine the monitoring centre will take the appropriate action.

The use of VCA means that the OnGarde tower can be installed to the specific needs of a site resulting in significant savings in both normal man guarding costs and call outs due to false alarms.

The OnGarde tower can be installed in as little as one hour and comes fitted with many features as standard including floodlights, an anti tamper alarm system and is available in either 110V or 240V versions with up 72 hours battery backup if power is cut.


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