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SerVision offers an extensive portfolio of video gateway products to suit every application:

  • Mobile applications that require video monitoring from on-the-go sites.
  • Remote and unmanned locations that are not connected by standard communication networks.
  • Fixed sites with one or more locations that require constant monitoring.

Your safety and security are a priority for us, so whatever you require, our solutions are tailored for a wide range of applications of any scope:

  • a single feed – for your home, small office or remote site
  • multiple feeds – for an entire commercial complex, border of fleet


SerVision System


Key features:

  • Exceptionally low bandwidth usage for high-quality video transmission and recording
  • Video transmission over IP networks
  • Support for cellular and Wi-Fi wireless networks
  • Built in GPS and G-Force (Accelerometer) support
  • Remote viewing of live and recorded video via SerVision client applications running on PCs, PDAs, and cellular phones, smart phones and other mobile devices
  • Integration of input sensors and output activation sensors
  • Event detection via built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD), input sensor, or internal video-loss sensor
  • Event notifications via e-mail, SMS, or pop-up alarm
  • Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control, even from smart phones
  • Large-capacity hard drive for local storage of recorded video
  • Downloading of video for remote storage

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