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“CheckMyCCTV” – is a smart peice of software that allows both the client and their RVRC, a unique method of remotely interrogating their CCTV systems. In doing this a variety of reports can be generated as well as fault reporting features e.g.Daily Status Report emails, and Web Viewing interface, ensure that you and your customers know the status of all their CCTV systems at any time.

“CheckMyCCTV” is ideal for supporting customers with multi-site operations, such as Retailers, Banks, Utility Companies, and Unmanned or void sites, allowing you to provide the best possible service, and still reduce your time and energy supporting them.

For installers, CheckMyCCTV remote maintenance monitoring typically saves up to 30% on maintenance costs compared to traditional twice-yearly maintenance visits, and provides a much higher level of service by eliminating CCTV faults before they become critical.

For the full list of compatible system please click here or alternatively you can download the free CheckMyCCTV Compatibility Checker here 

For more information on this service please call 0800 068 0875 

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